Time Management Tips for Accountants

Accountants can get a pretty tough time when tax season is looming. You can end up over-committing and messing up your clients’ really bad. But not to worry, all is not lost, not yet anyway. You can manage everything and still spare some time to treat yourself if you follow these steps to organize your routine:

Create a Master List

This is something I learned after working at so many accounting firms hobart. Put together a master list of all the tasks at hand. Next, prioritize those tasks into batches and split them accordingly. Doing so will give you a clear picture based on urgency and priority what needs your time and attention the most. Therefore, you can easily manage everything and don’t burn out.

Minimize Distractions

Use technology to block technology. Minimize your interaction with social media and other similar platforms that distract you from your work. When you sit down to do your work then make sure that’s all you do with all your heart and mind. Even you spare a couple of hours-worth of 100% focus, you get a lot more done in contrast to having all avenues open to you.

Have Everything Ready

Make sure when you sit down to work you are completely stocked with all the stuff you need: notebooks, charged laptop, stationery, etc. You don’t want to be running out at the last moment to get things and waste time.

Get Difficult Things Done First

Even though it is preferred to prioritize in the form of batches and urgency, try to get done with difficult tasks first that consume a lot of time and require you to think and rethink. Once the difficult ones are out of the way, then you can easily focus on the simpler ones and get them done in a jiffy.

Delegate Tasks

If you have more people in your team, then don’t shy away from delegating. If you are confident of your team being able to handle the tasks, then hand them over and focus on the ones that require your attention. This way, you can stay more organized and get more work done in less amount of time.

Exceed Expectations


Apart from doing your job, make sure you meet your client’s expectations. If you take on a dozen tasks only to deliver substandard results, then it is a waste of time for you and your clients as well. Better to take as much as you can bite, manage your commitments and give your entire best when you complete the projects. Happier clients stay and become leads and referrals in the future!

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Set breaks in your routine and treat yourself every time you are done with a batch of tasks. In tax season, set up a fancy lunch for yourself or a good time with friends just to blow the steam when you are done working. Rewarding yourself after doing a tough job is a healthy and mindful thing to do. Just make sure you get everything done before you set the party mode on!