Things to Look for in a Strata Manager Gold Coast

Several factors come into play for Gold Coast shared property owners when it comes to selecting their strata manager, Gold Coast. The most basic approach for many property owners is to submit an RFP or request for proposal from different strata management providers on the Gold Coast.

Choosing the strata manager, Gold Coast will be done once the owners agree on a strata provider providing the best suitable response. Another good way to consider when looking for a strata manager, Gold Coast include:

Performance levels

Any services agreement needs documented performance levels. Accountability to the agreed service levels is important. Both strata owners and strata manager, Gold Coast typically negotiate the service levels.

The most common service levels include:

  • Timely insurance policy renewal
  • Stick to the agreed time frame when responding to maintenance requests
  • Ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of common property
  • Use a particular format when mailing notices to owners
  • Professional manner when liaising with owners
  • Direct building works

Dedicated and committed

Dedication and commitment to their work is one of the hallmarks of a good strata manager. Some of the characteristics of good strata managers showing dedication and commitment to their work include:

  • Show the same level of care to all customers, regardless of the services provided by them
  • Offer help when needed
  • Dedicate their time to making the management smooth and efficient

Reporting capabilities

Informed decisions are made by strata owners with timely reports handed in by the strata manager. Reports showing trend identification, analysis, and information about the status of their common property allow key stakeholders to come up with the necessary solutions and recommendations.

Reporting capabilities should also include maintenance summaries, financial reporting, meeting minutes and attendance records.


An experienced strata manager is always crucial for meeting the needs of strata management. Choosing a strata manager with adequate and appropriate exposure to dealing with various kinds of strata properties wins half the battle.

The varied types of strata properties including tall apartment complexes, sprawling units or townhouses have varied features needing effective managerial skills.

Come up with new ideas/solutions

A strata manager who comes up with new ideas/solutions is the one to hire. For instance, providing all owners with a software program showing all information about the property is a new way of reporting.


Qualifications count in the choice of a strata manager. However, the type or number of qualifications should not serve as the basis for judging a strata manager. A strata manager is considered a good one when he/she shows a combination of both experience and qualifications.

The best way to test his/her knowledge about strata management is to ask questions on matters related to commerce, commercial and residential properties, liability, finance, strata management, and leasing.

Clear communication and expectations

The agreement of terms between owners and strata manager should always be clear and straightforward. Being explicit in written and verbal agreement leaves no room for future debate and finger-pointing.

Setting clear expectations also provides a good way for both owners and strata manager to avoid unnecessary arguments in the future. However, it is recommended that asking for reasonable services from a strata manager is a better option than expecting too much from him/her.

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